Mahons Amusements brings the exhilarating thrill rides to the Royal Easter Show. The Turbo Boost, Scream Machine, Gravitron and other favourites return to get the adrenaline pumping for the big kids, while the Cookie-Bear rides bring smiles to the faces of the little ones and their parents.


The Mahons Amusements carnival area operates on a coupon system. Please visit the ticket box located amongst the rides to purchase your coupons. Rides generally take between 4 – 7 coupons. Please note the Turbo Boost does not take coupons, this ride is $20 per person per ride.

Coupon Packs

  • Kiddies pack – 4x 4 coupon rides $20
  • Mini pack – 50 coupons $60
  • Family pack – 95 coupons $105
  • Maxi pack – 150 coupons $169

The Children’s carnival area operates by cash. Rides in this area start from $3 per ride.

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